среда, 12 декабря 2018 г.

суббота, 10 ноября 2018 г.

DEADCELL - Nothing is Real (2018)


1.Briefing Files (Overture)
2.Right Here (feat. Madd Maxxx)
3.Michael Check 1212
4.Gone Astray (feat. Zero & Airess)
5.Bring It On Down 
6.The Simulation (Epilogue)

Genezis MC - Aprendiz Del Uno (2018)


1. [Sin Pena Ni Gloria] Feat DJ Briel Prod (Plague Maguician)
2. [Wake UP And Feel Freedom] Prod (Plague Maguician)
3. [Desde Los 14 En La Movida] Prod by ( Plague Maguician)
4. [Entre BALAS Baladas & Alcohol] feat Genoxis, DosientosUno & DJ Briel (Prod by Plague Maguician)
5. [Sueñan Con Un Mundo Mejor] Prod by. (Plague Maguician) 
6. [Sin Libro De Vida] Prod ( Sectario)
7. [Apprentice Of The One] Prod (Plague Maguician)
8. [Entre Flayes & Rayes] feat DJ Briel (Prod Plague Maguician)
9. [Historia Repetida] feat Fleurie Prod ( Syndrome)
10. [Live] feat NiANiMA Prod ( Plague Maguician)
11. [Welcome the Club Of 99] Prod (Plague Maguician)
12. [Outro] Prod by ( Plague Maguician) 

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