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Die! Die! Die! Records Presents - Worldwide Gore The Mixtape (2015)


1.Intro Instrumental (Produced By Anon) 
2.Red and Black (Juarez Ft. Playboy The Beast and Mars) 
3.Maniacal Murder (Comatose Kidd Ft. Sunz Of Samm and Dirtay Vains) 
4.Demonz (Don Orias Ft. Damien Raine and WhoDatPeez) 
5.Murder (Mental Cases Ft. Mars) 
6.How It Be Version III (Hex Fallen) 
7.Do You Really Wanna Die Tonight (Opscurus ft Don Orias, Nack Strange and Infektid 
8.Fuck The PD (Gh0st Ft. Playboy The Beast) 
9.Violent Music (Kevin Curry) 
10.Fuck Up Off Me (Sik Geo of Morbid Sikosis) 
11.Nightmare (Systamatik Ft. KD Tha Stranger ) 
12.Wit Dem Choppaz (D-Spillz of Choppa Clique Ft. SJB One & Boss Mane) 
13.Kyllahz Blood (Thy Unjust Trey Sykxz Ft. ReZerect tha Rippa) 
14.Killing In My Nightmares (Dy Smiling Ft. Firing Squad) 
15.Who Am I (Sawblade) 
16.Im Violent ( AzNoT SINikalStyle) 
17.Word 2 B.I.G. (Decaf Black) 
18.Verbal Weaponry (The Zodeak) 
19.Kill Somebody (B-Low The Beast Ft.JNX) 
20.Can't Stop (Redrum Tha Clown) 
21.Straight To Hell (Kanible) 
22.The Nephilim Interlude (G Mayn Frost) 
23.Monster (Zakkariah Ft. Playboy The Beast) 
24.Hell On Earth (cYkoTik Ft. Ill Nickell) 
25.Cut The Flesh (Thommy Nekro The Solanum Ft. Dieabolik The Monster)

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