среда, 4 ноября 2015 г.

Statue Stance - Nomads Notepad (2015)

All proceeds from this album will be going to 
Disasters Emergency Committee 
Nepal Earthquake Appeal 

"The recent tragedy in Nepal saddens me. It is by far the most peaceful country I have had the privilege to visit, with some of the most gentle, selfless people I've met and this disaster is devastating." 

The album was recorded whilst producing Indian Ink as RamRam Ssadhu with Bambu Hands, together we chose the name Statue Stance and the name of the project was intended to be a follow up to Indian Ink entitled... Nepal: The Nomads Notepad. Entirely produced by Bambu Hands the songs I wrote were memoirs of my experiences leaving India & crossing the border into Nepal. 

All proceeds from this album will be forwarded to the D.E.C please give generously during this difficult, heart wrenching time. 


1.Nomads Notepad 
2.Duel Forms 
3.Infinite Discipline 
4.Meditation Maps 
5.Golden Elephants 
6.Agni Fire BAba 
7.Whistling Wind 

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