понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

Three Headed Beast (Jinxsta JX, Twizzy, M.A.B) - Time To Feast (2016)

1.The Return (Produced by Charlie Mac) 
2.It's Abnoxshuz (Produced by Farma G) 
3.Control ft Javeon (Produced by Strange Neighbour) 
4.Marching ft Genesis Elijah (Produced by Diligent Fingers) 
5.Bad Dreams (Produced by JCA & Chester P) 
6.Dead Man's Shoes (Produced by Charlie Mac) 
7.Trend Setters ft Remus (Produced by Charlie Mac) 
8.Be Careful (Produced by Hutch) 
9.Lost In Translation (Produced by Farma G) 
10.Gilbert's Grape (Produced by Hutch) 
11.To The Slaughter (Produced by Diligent Fingers) 
12.Set You Free (Produced by K-Bourne & JCA) 
13.Traps (Produced by MatchStick) 
14.Now That You're Gone (Produced by Strange Neighbour) 
15.Time To Feast (Produced by Strange Neighbour) 

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