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Interview with Justus Fischer (J-Merk, Beyond The Grave) (in English)

Hello, friends! I bring to your attention a short interview with J-Merk.

He is known for the album:
J-Merk B.B.Z Darney: Born Dead (2015)Buy (UHH)
Beyond The Grave: Visions Of Mithra (2015)Buy (UHH)

Also check out the offer to introduce a couple of his videos:

Sasha Jer: Tell about yourself, where are you from?

J-Merk: Born and raised in north side of chicago, and I currently live in a surrounding town very close to chicago..(northwest) chicago, my family as well also born chicago

Sasha Jer: At what age was started your interest of hip-hop?I can suggest you had different interests in music in your youth.

J-Merk: Since young age, I always been around music. Got my first keyboard as a gift when I was 5 years old, and then my first acoustic guitar when I turned 6, and rap music and "alternative rock" was always playing in my home, my mother was a music collector with many cds and cassette and we had music videos of all kinds playing on the television In our home, my first album I ever owned was 2pac all eyez on me, I was 7 years old, my father found it at his work, and brought it home for me...that definitely changed my perspective, and was very powerful album, and inspired me very young...
This was during the mid 90s

Sasha Jer: At what moment you decided to try to be a performer?What influenced this decision?

J-Merk: I decided to start writing little dumb nonsense lyrics when I was 12 years old in 2001, because I was inspired by the music that was coming out at that current time, and one day I went to the library and found books about poetry and it inspired me, then in 2004 my friend had a brother who had studio equipment in his room and I would pay him to make little "demos", then a year later in 2005 I met a world renown poet name "Kevin Coval" who also taught me more about poetry, and "underground" hiphop and it inspired me to make poetry and hiphop as an art!

Sasha Jer: Did you had any hip-hop idols? Artists who have influenced your work? Besides of mentioned 2pac :)

J-Merk: No, besides 2 pac, no and there will never be another...I have no idols...:)

Sasha Jer: As you mentioned alternative rock, I should ask, do you have plans future to release something in genre of Rap-Metal, hardcore or something like that?

J-Merk: Once I find dedicated musicians who share my vision! Yes!!!! I still wait to find, I really want to make this sound! Still waiting on anybody who wants to make this project with me!

Sasha Jer: Do you have any artist that you want to release album together? 

J-Merk: With whoever wants to participate with me, anybody who shares my ideas and beliefs anybody who is serious about being a musician is welcomed to take part, but right now this is a fantasy idea, right now I am focused on hiphop and building my name in "rap"

Sasha Jer: Tell me in two words about your ideology in your texts? What especially do you try to convey to the listener?

J-Merk: Im trying to convey to the listener that the truth is out there, but you must believe! And work hard every day to find the truth about life, don't believe what you hear, don't believe what the education system forces you to learn, none of it matters! All this war, and different languages, and even some religious institutions lie to the people so they can be separated from the truth, that all humans need to come together and find peace in these very hard times! I wish to speak truth in my music and have many fans from different countries and get them discussing real topics! And get their minds turned on.  Im from America, and it's a very hard place to survive here , and I think my music reflects that, and I hope others can relate no matter what country they are from! Poverty, violence, and struggle is in every country!!! All over the world

Sasha Jer: I’m absolutely agree with that.

J-Merk: Thanks

Sasha Jer: Your solo album (J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney - Born Dead (2015)) as for me I like it so much. Great bits from B.B.Z Darney.
Also attended by guests such as the Kid Fade, uMang.
What artists should expect in your future releases?
And tell me more about your plans on future?
When we can expect new video clip or album?

J-Merk: I have some long time friends I wish to include as features in my new projects, artists who don't have a name yet but are dedicated so I wish to give them a little push! You will hear some new names on my next albums. I will keep that a secret for now...my new music is more bigger sound, lots of big production, and lots of big mixing and mastering techniques, also the videos will look better, just learning and progressing...the lyrics will be more intense more intricate, (little less personal more general) more conceptual, and the beats will be big and powerful!

Sasha Jer: I cannot wait to hear it. Tell me how the project Beyond the Grave was created? Who are the members of it? Who had the idea of creation?

J-Merk: That was completely "dj monarks" idea...he contacted me about doing a whole project together, because in the past we did songs together and they came out good, so he had the label go forth with a whole album, just me and him, and I came up with the name, and titles for the songs, and he did all the beats and mixing and arrangement!

Sasha Jer: Do you have a muse? Who inspires you? Maybe your girlfriend, mother, world policy, something else?

J-Merk:  As far as inspiration goes im inspired by many things everyday life, and politics, and just people and higher beliefs inspire me, also nature and traveling..I just like creating and being around creative people that makes me want to do better !

Sasha Jer: I know you have a tattoo with Rasputin? Tell me about it? Why you decided to make it?

J-Merk: He's a very intriguing person and his story is inspiring as well, I am very interested in the esoteric..and this person is very obscure I am into things of this nature, and plus it's great image for art!

Sasha Jer: Have you ever been in Russia? Do you want something to wish the residents of our country?

J-Merk: No never been, but I have seen many photos and videos and looks like a beautiful place, also beautiful woman :) hopefully one day music can bring me there! And one thing I wish to express is I hope America and Russia can one day find peace with eachother, both countries have more similarity than difference!

Sasha JerI hope so. I think we finish interview on this step. Thank you so much for your answers. Will wait new releases!

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