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Interview with Res One (Split Prophets) (in English)

Hello, friends! I bring to your attention a short interview with Res One (Split Prophets)!

The album is called Delph Efficacy and released July 10 this year. It is already available for pre-order here: Bandcamp.

With discography Split Prophets can read (and optionally buy) here: https://splitprophets.bandcamp.com

Channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Splitprophets
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SplitProphets/140325702710471

Also check out the offer to introduce a couple of his videos:

Sasha Jer: Hi, tell me a bit about yourself. Where you form, where you’re living right now?

Res One: i was born in south Bristol in a area called bedminster...a shit-hole but i love it. i dont live there anymore though i live in north Bristol now..its a dope city, lots of music culture here. plus the hip hop scene is thriving.

Sasha Jer: Res One – is your nickname. What does it mean?

Res One: I started doing graffiti years and years ago and after gettting caught red handed i had to change my tag..i started writing my name, which is Seri, backwards, which spells Ires...i then put a H on that for my MC alias .. and became HI res...but the name Hi Res is a bit cheesy in my opinion so it became Res One...cos theres only one real res hahahaha.

Sasha Jer: How have you came to the rap culture? How it all began? Probably someone's creative influence this?

Res One: i started rappin/ freestyling when i was about 15/16 years old but it was always more of a joke thing back then...we didnt take it too seriously it was more a thing we did in the park or sat in a yard getting high.. then when we were about 18 we met Badhabitz, who was already making beats for heads within the scene and had a place to record. after that we realized we could actually do something with it.
that was when split Prophets was formed as well, or at least the name.
ive been influenced by many different people from the uk and overseas..theres so many fucking dope artists out there who make real good music..my immediate influence though is obviously my bredrins around me and all the SP famillia!

Sasha Jer: What is Split Prophets for you? What’s mean the name? Who came up with it?

Res One: Split Prophets is really a group of friends, were like a family. Most of us grew up together and hung out way before the music... With the name, one of our crew (graff crew) came up with the name when we were out drinking figuring it out.
its a play on words, like, split the profits...and us being prophets..

Sasha Jer: You often quarrel?

Res One: yeah we have our little fall outs just like everyone i guess..i wont lie and say we live in a sunny, perfect happy place with each other..but we ALWAYS have each others back and we are real friends..

Sasha Jer: How have you lost your tooth?  :)

Res One: i was fucking around with a good friend of mine..and some chump who was obviously on some coke power trip shit felt like he wanted to sucker punch me...i stood there and realsied my tooth was gone and we jumped him but as soon as i started swinging the police snatched me up and i got arrested...fuck the pigs and lickle pum pums..

Sasha Jer: This is your dog? What its name?

Res One: waaaaat!! hahaha naa thats Badhabitz dog, hes called blue bear...my dog is the same breed, they are both Staffodshire bull terriers and are both "blue".....heres a pic of mine

shes called blusie or blue girl hahaha

Sasha Jer: That chicken is also member of Split Prophets?)

Res One: ahahahaha
This was at Nozstock Festival in the UK a couple of years ago.
we were performing and i saw this chicken walking around on the floor infront of me. i thought fuck that she obviously doesnt care about the music and probably wants to get involved...so i grabbed her and let her spit some bars for us... she repped it hard and then went about her business..one of the funniest experiences on stage though

Sasha Jer: Split Prophets logo. You have come up with it? 

Res One: naa i cant remeber who did that one...we did a run of competition tees...where people did their designs and the winner won the tshirt and their print on it

Sasha Jer: Do you have another hobby besides the music?

Res One: ive been a graffiti writer for years, i also used to skateboard a lot but that kind of stopped when i was about 15...i still do it a bit though...we used to just spend a lot of our time on the street so pretty much anything that comes with that lifestyle.
i like to chill with my girl, eat good food when i can...drink good liquor when i can.

Sasha Jer: Does Your GF support you with your creativity with Rap?

Res One: shes down man, she loves hip hop too..shes doesnt help me to make songs or anything like that but she is a G. she holds me down when things get tuff and is my best mate so...i guess she helps me personally, but not musically hahaha.

Sasha Jer: How about your parents? Does they support you as well? What do they think your creativity?

Res One: both my parents are artists (as hobbies) ..they've always been down for what i do so long as its not hurting no one...me and my sister must of put them through hell as youths..i was always getting in trouble and fights and madness..i think they are happy that im going somewere with what i love to do.

Sasha Jer: Who are your most stern critic?

Res One: Me.

Sasha Jer: I think it’s great.

Res One: yeah man im my biggest critic

Sasha Jer: What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Res One: shit man...hahah ive done a lot of crazy shit.
put it this way im happy that all of Split Prophets are still here today and were not all dead or locked up. we used to be pretty crazy out there..but musically.. me, Datkid, Upfront and Two Tungs played at a festival in Millau, France to 15,000 people...that was pretty fucking crazy.
plus me and upfront just rocked a stage for Dj Skitz show at Boom Bap and we were performing with Chester p, Skinnyman, Rodney P etc. it was mad.

Sasha Jer: This is your tattoo?

Res One: yeah thats my tattoo.

Sasha Jer: Do you have another tattoos? If there are, what they mean to you?

Res One: ive got the split prophets one and "let go" on the other arm

let relates to some shit that happened to me when i was younger...and it relates to every day life. try not to hold onto thing

Sasha Jer: You have evident his your unique style. You’ve came up with it by yourself, or you always been so?

Res One: always so bro, ive always stayed myself..i dont dilute myself for anyone.
i think if you pretend to be someone else youll never be truly happy..
if you do you then people will accept you for that and nothing else

Sasha Jer: By the way, a broken tooth, you added charisma, no kidding :)

Res One: hahaha a lot of people say that...its going to ocme out again

Sasha Jer: In video "Mary Jane Skit" as well as on many photos you’re smoking weed. Is it legal in GB? 

Res One: its not legal here but bristol is pretty easy going when it comes to weed. 
were all pretty heavy smokers,  some of us switched it up to straight weed rather than a tobacco mix.. id like to see it de-criminalized  cos im on my third warning now so my next stop is court.

Sasha Jer: According to photos and videos you have a lot of performances, parties, tours. You do not get tired? Strong enough?)

Res One: yeah we do get tired..we went to Bern in Switzerland to do a show. within the first half an hour of us being on Swiss soil everyone was pretty fucked..we all go in pretty hard to be honest. theres been shows were people have lost their voice etc. but its all part of learning not to over do it before shows.
i enjoy touring, we give shows all our energy but still find more to keep going...unless we pass out and get stuff stacked on us hahaha

Sasha Jer: Have you ever had Stage diving?

Res One:  aww yeah thats gone down a couple of times..not me personally though, im scared id squash someone hahha

Sasha Jer: What is the difference between British Rap and all others, I mean American, Australian, Canadian etc.  As for me I like it because of the british accent?

Res One: i cant say really there is so much hip hop coming out of the uk, and the rest of the world, that you can hear different countries and scenes styles within different rappers and crews.. i think its become more universal but i switch this opinion sometimes ahaha im not too sure about this one. obviously theres the accent and beat style but fuck knows haha

Sasha Jer: Yes, British beat is peculiar, lively, if you know what I mean.

Res One: yeah its pretty energetic here..but there is so much you cant put it down to one thing

Sasha Jer: Datkid is in the jail? Why? What did he do? When he got free? (Interview written June 25)

Res One: thats for him to tell!!! hahaha hopefully he will be out soon. Bil Next has gone to visit him today actually.
basically there are certain people out there who like to talk to police and there are people who dont...the kid he got into an altercation with did.he got put inside for beating sumone up...ther person deserved it and pretty much asked him to do it...
thats all i have to say on that bro

Sasha Jer: League of Shadows it’s a new project? Whose idea was it? Who are the members at this moment?

Res One: the legue of shadows is Mylo Stones project..it has nothing to do with split prophets but he got a few of us featuring on it.. 
its got some dope head on it man.. good project.

Sasha Jer: This project still alive?

Res One: yeah its just been released on sika records.

(And check out the album can be ordered here: Bandcamp)

Sasha Jer: Split Prophets. What are your songs about? What is their main ideology?

Res One: i think it depends on the song to be honest. or the mood you are in when you are writing it. we don realy have an ideology based around split prophets, we just make music really.
some songs have concepts etc. but i think it depends on the day/mood/vibes etc.

Sasha Jer: Tell me more about your first solo album, which should be released soon? How did the idea to write the album? Who helped you in his writing?

Res One: my new album is called Delph Efficacy ( a play one words releating to the theory of self efficacy. i put delph making instead, which is an old word for plates eg. vinyl)
i wrote all of my lyrics myself and i have a few features on it from different producers and MCs from england and abroad.
its my first ever solo project so im pretty hyped about it. im dropping it on the 10th of july 2015 on www.splitprophets.bandcamp.com. 
on CD and hopefully vinyl too.
im also taking bookings for solo shows so if you know anyone whos keen :) let me know hahaha
its not a concept album but more a insight into me and the music i like to make and be a part of.

Sasha Jer: I’ll contact him, for sure :)
On the cover of the album shows your house? And, as I understand, your dog?

Res One: yeah thats my house..its a legendary house now it has had so many heads come trhough to record verses or film videos.
i even had Sadat X and Dj Doo Wop stay for a week a couple of years back..its pretty insane the history of the house now.. Jman lived here, Paro lived here...yeah its a musical house. Dj fingerfood from squared roots clothing lives here too as well as another producer Dub Logic. its good vibes here.
yeah thats blue chilling out the front with me haha

Sasha Jer: How do you think which song on the album is the best and which is worst?

Res One: im not to sure really, i like different songs for different reasons and also dislike certain things but you have to let go sometimes.
the track featuring Flying Monk that was produced by Reklews, "feel like we do" is one of my favorites. but i dont have one favorite..the track with blabbermouf as well..that shit bangs to be honest, Truffle, the producer on that one is crazy.
also i have Evil Ed on the album which to me is one of the illest things. hes one of the uks dopest producers and has made some of the Uks classics. thats a real level up for me man i lovehis shit

Sasha Jer: Do you know anything about Russian Rap? May be you know any Russian artists? May be you have plan to make some things together?

Res One: ive been shown bits here and there by different freinds, from lithuania and poland etc. i have a few freinds that speak Russian as well who have translated certain tracks. remembering names is a different thing though. ive defintiely heard some fucking real good stuff though, dark beats an tight flows. maybe you can show me some?

Sasha Jer:  For example  Naveh (Навэ), Шаен (aka Cheyenne). Nuttkase made good beats.. 

Res One: Nuttkase is fucking sick  iknow about nuttkase.we freestyled to his beats a few times. 

Sasha Jer: As I understood, you don’t mind to write track with someone from Russia.

Res One: in the future id love to work with some heads from russia.. i feel like its going to be a big part of hip hop to come, the scene seems to be growing out there and there are a lot of people, like Nuttkase and others who will start breaking through into the rest of europe/ the world etc. just like every other scene seems to be doing. id also love to travel there and work with people. that is my favorite way to make music, to be there with the other artist an make it happen.
yeah hopefully after this interview some more people will get into what we are doing. who knows fam

Sasha Jer: Tell me by the secret, what we have to do you to come with tour in Russia?

Res One: the full crew price would be around 600 plus travel and expenses.
a solo show would be much cheaper and all of these prices are negotiable..
i can send you our press pack incase you might know anyone?

Sasha Jer: Yeah, sure, let do it. We’ll try that, get them all :)
And finally, what you want to wish to your fans in Russia.

Res One: id like to thank everyone in Russia whos been supporting our music, whether theyve bought material or not. Weve got love for you over here  and hopefully soon we'll be able to get out there and get rowdy with you all. Keep making real hip hop and stay bless!

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